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21 May 2023

Interview with Sophie on radio station M94,5 today (Germany)! Tune in at 8 pm (CET).

20 May 2023

“Fist of life” gets airplay on Radio Frankenmeile (Germany).

4 May 2023

Interview with Adam and Jason on CHBN’s show “The Playlist” today (England)! Tune in at 9 pm (CET).

25 April 2023

Interview with the magazine Abenteuer Philosophie (Nr. 152 – 2/2023) (Austria).

22 April 2023

“Fist of life” gets airplay on Radio Alperose (Switzerland).

20 April 2023

“Fist of life” is on The Playlist at CHBN Radio (England).

18 April 2023

“Fist of life” gets airplay on WFAQ LP-FM ( Wisconsin, USA).

17 April 2023

Radiosol (Sweden) is the first Swedish radio station that plays our song “Fist of life”!

16 April 2023

“Fist of life” gets airplay on Chip 101.9 (Canada).

15 April 2023

“Fist of life” is on rotation at FRF (Austria).

14 April 2023

“Fist of life” premieres on WXSU 96.3 (Maryland, USA) at 8 pm CET today!

13 April 2023

“Fist of life” is on the new music rotation at The Summit FM (Ohio, USA).

12 April 2023

Chapter 2 – “Fist of Life” (2/2) is out now! Watch the video on Youtube.

10 April 2023

Chapter 2 – “Fist of Life” (1/2) is out now! Watch the video on Youtube.

3 March 2023

“Fist of life” coming soon. Subscribe to my Youtube channel, to get a notification about the release.

15 January 2023

“Alien Girl” gets airplay on Metal 4 NRW Radio (Germany).

3 January 2023

Radio interview on BR 2 (BR Radio, Germany).

2 January 2023

“Alien Girl” live concert plus interview on the TV show Abendschau (BR Fernsehen, Germany).

9 December 2022

Interview with Aware Now Magazine (USA).

18 November 2022

“Alien Girl” gets airplay on Radio Alperose (Switzerland).

16 November 2022

Article in online magazine (Germany).

15 November 2022

Interview in the newspaper “Der Neue Tag” (Germany).

14 November 2022

“Alien Girl” gets airplay on Media Top Radio (Germany).

7 November 2022

“Alien Girl” gets airplay on RPP FM (Australia).

6 November 2022

Tabula Rasa Magazin (Germany) published an article about “Alien Girl” and the story behind the song.

4 November 2022

“Alien Girl” gets airplay on Canalside Radio (UK).

Tygapuss interview on André Itjes cool show “Urbanissimo” on TIDE TV (Hamburg, Germany).

2 November 2022

“Alien Girl” gets airplay on Chip FM (Canada).

“Alien Girl” gets airplay on KRVM (USA).

“Alien Girl” gets airplay on Radio Frankenmeile (Germany).

1 November 2022

“Alien Girl” gets airplay on WFAQ LP FM Radio (USA).

“Alien Girl” gets airplay on PUR Radio (Austria).

“Alien Girl” gets airplay on Radio FFR (Germany).

31 October 2022 Chapter One – “Alien Girl” is out now! Watch all 3 parts here.

3 October 2022 Coming soon: “Alien girl”.

11 February 2021 “Let you down” made it to Hawaii! Honolulu’s college radio station KTUH FM put the single on rotation.

22 January 2021 German Radio station Okerwelle 104.6 in Braunschweig gives “Let you down” some airplay.

18 January 2021 “Let you down” becomes song of the day in German music blog Sounds & Books!

15 January 2021 Live Skype interview for Tide TV Hamburg on André Itjes’ show Urbanissimo, introducing my music video for “Let you down” to his TV audience and a radio interview per Skype with Jason and Adam from CHBN, Truro.

12 January 2021 “Let you down” gets a review in German blog Musicampus.

11 January 2021 The second station from the USA plays “Let you down” – it’s 91.3, The Summit in Akron!

9 January 2021 “Let you down” gets airplay on German radio station Maschseewelle in Hannover including a radio interview!

7 January 2021 German radio station Wattwerker (Aurich) puts “Let you down” on rotation.

6 January 2021 “Let you down” starts its On Air journey on the American radio station WFAQ-LP FM in Mukwonago, Wisconsin!

NEWS 2015-2020

2020 the music video for “Let you down” is released.

2019 was a year filled with songwriting, recording demos & business related pain in the ass. 😉

2018 move to Bavaria, building the new studio.

2017 Some music labels approached me this year. They were interested in the songs, but they always suggested the same thing: to sing in German language and add EDM elements to my sound. Not my thing.

In 2016 we released the music video for “He’s savage like an animal” in January. Simon Schnaeckel shot it at his photo studio in Bremen.

We sent the single to radio stations and the DJs liked it! It was played on about 60 radio stations in the USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. 

Many thanks to all the radio stations that played “He’s savage like an animal”! (I tried my best to list you all, sorry, if I forgot some.)


Radio Hertz 87,9, Bielefeld 

Tide, Hamburg

Studentenfunk, Regensburg

Guericke FM, Magdeburg

Syltfunk, Sylt

Radio Z, Nürnberg

Campus Radio, Oldenburg

Campus FM, Essen

Bitexpress, Erlangen-Nürnberg

Radio Fritz, Berlin

Bayern 3, München

Wattwerker, Aurich


RaBe, Bern


1071 The Peak, Briarcliff Manor

WBGU FM, Toledo

WFAQ LP FM, Mukwonago

KISM, Bellingham

AWESOME AM WABG 960, Greenwood

97XRocks, Owenboro

WXKW, Key West

WZMB, Greenville

The Summit FM, Akron/Canton

1061 The Corner, Charlottesville

94 Rock WOTT, Watertown

Valley Free Radio, Florence

WVEW, Brattleboro

OWU, Delaware

90.7FM WCLH, Wilkes Barre

K-UTE Radio, Utah

WVTC, Vermont

WSKB, Westfield

KCR, San Diego

Crescent City Radio, New Orleans

UTA Radio, Arlington

WWUH 91.3, West Hartford

WIXQ, Millersville

KMSU, Mankato

WWVU, Morgantown

Radio Hud, Huddersfield


Redroad FM, Sheffield

CHBN, Truro

Radio Hullfire, Hull

Kube Radio, Keele

Sine FM, Doncaster

Zetland FM, Redcar

Uckfield FM, Uckfield

Bolton FM, Bolton

RSAB, St. Austell

Endeavour 107 FM, Boston

Hub radio, Bristol


SpeySound, Aviemore


Choq FM, Toronto

CKMS 102.7 FM/Radio Waterloo, Kitchener


Agora, Klagenfurt


Hills Radio, Mount Barker

During the rest of 2016 Youbi and I wrote 7 more tracks for our first album “FUN!” and recorded it in December 2016 at the studio Nord in Bremen, Germany. We stayed there for one week and it was a very focused and successful recording experience.

Thanks go out to Olli “Srowe” Sroweleit, Jo “Mean” Heger, Silvan Strauss, Alex Eckert, Julian Domke, Johannes Weißbach & Simon Schnaeckel for being part of the “FUN!” journey.

2015 was the year when Youbi and I wrote “He’s savage like an animal” in a studio in Scheeßel (home of the German Hurricane festival). It was also the year when famous author John C. Parkin called me “a puss, who’s making tiger music” after he listened to the demo of “He’s savage like an animal”. And so my artist name Tygapuss was born.