My “Thelma and Louise” story

Originally “Thelma & Louise” is a famous movie about two women, who go on a fun road trip. But the film was only partly the inspiration for my song with the same title.

Actually, when I was 15, I met my “Louise” at girls’ high school. My first impression of her wasn’t that great. Back then I was a Courtney Love and “Daria” fan and she wore make up and mini skirts. 

I thought: “Man, that barbie girl looooves mini skirts. I wonder, if she owns trousers. I really don’t think we would match as friends.”

Well, I was totally wrong! We landed in the same class, talked to each other and found out that we loved music and singing – and that we both were damn bored and frustrated living in that town. There was no fun – only childish teenage boys, who played computer games and smoked weed. We wanted more adventure and entertainment in our lives than sitting around, being stoned!

The problem was: we didn’t have driving licenses.

The first challenge was to make men in their 20s think we were 18, so they would take us on a club date. And the best clubs with the best DJs were out of our town.

To get in these clubs we had to dress up to look like 18, put on tons of make up and slutty clothes. In the 2000s clubs had a strict over 18 rule, but to our surprise we got inside every single time. 

Our nights out surpassed all our expectations: the fun of lying straight into our parents’ faces about sleepovers and the adrenaline kicks from secretly climbing out of the window at midnight was already priceless. 

And there was more:

we got free car rides, free drinks, free entry, great DJs, we met strange people, fun people and we danced on dance floors and tables. We laughed about crazy stories, made up names and lives we didn’t live. We acted like adults – and we were surprisingly good at it! – it was a teenage girls’ dream that came true!

Complications came up here and there, because the men of course thought we were on a date with them – well, we kinda made them think that to get to the club. But that was out of question, I mean we were 15. We just made them think we were 18. Sometimes, when they got angry, because we ignored them, we just convinced other guys to drive us back home. 

At school, all we could think about was the next weekend at another club.

It was an adventurous time that mainly took place at night, in cars and in clubs. 

Because we spent much time in cars and were two girls with the only goal to have fun, I called my song about this time “Thelma & Louise”.

I released the song exclusively on my album “FUN!” (2017)

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