Tygapuss is a singer and songwriter based in Germany.    

Tygapuss alias Anna Gette was born in Chelyabinsk in the former Soviet Union and was raised in a kolkhoz village in Kazakhstan. She has ancestral German and Russian roots. 

When she was eight years old, her family immigrated to Germany. As an immigrant child she had a hard time finding her place among the school children, because she didn’t understand the German language well enough in the first year. Her teacher suggested to watch TV to learn the new language faster. This is how the school girl discovered MTV.

After seeing “What’s up” by the 4 Non Blondes in 1993 for the first time, she wanted to become a singer.

Tygapuss grew up under the influence of the various music styles of the 90s and the 2000s. As a teenager she became obsessed with different music artists on MTV, which inspired her to write own songs. As soon as she learned the English language in school, she started to write her first songs at the age of 12.

Growing up as an introvert, Tygapuss focused on reading, writing, singing and listening to music. Her passion for music and songwriting became bigger.

“It was a world I really wanted to belong to, as music was the only place I could identify myself with. I always thought that musicians would be the kind of people I could maybe get along with.”

In 2004 she moved to Hamburg and met drummer and music producer Youbi Deinas. The two musicians have been working together since 2007.