“Emotionwonderland” or the other half of Tygapuss

Emotionwonderland Tygapuss Hamburg

Today I want to introduce Youbi to you. He is the other half of Tygapuss. 

Youbi and I met in 2004 in Hamburg. I was one of three female front singers and he was the drummer in the same reggae band. You can say our love for reggae music brought us together.

It was 2007 when we started to write songs as a duo. It was clear from the start that we matched as songwriters. That we also matched as a couple crystallized one year later. 

We had so much fun writing songs together that we wanted to focus more on that, but the city of Hamburg was too distracting. So we moved to the countryside in the Lüneburg heath and built a recording studio into a 200 year old house. The house was so super old, that it didn’t have any heating, except two fireplaces.

Every morning in winter was a challenge: to leave the warm bed and walk into the ice cold kitchen to make coffee, only to find out that the water couldn’t come out of the tap, because the water pipe was frozen once again! 

But the great benefit of the house was that we had no neighbours and could be as loud as we wanted to. The environment was literally empty land and there were no things like clubs or bars. We also didn’t have internet and TV. Because there was not much to do, Youbi and I used to drive around with our car and find new beautiful places in the nature – the Lüneburg heath has loads of them! Being outside in nature is always a great inspiration for new songs.

“Emotionwonderland” is a love song, but it also reminds me of the beautiful Lüneburg heath and our house there. I published it on my album “FUN!” in 2017. It’s not on Spotify or on Youtube.

Cruising through the Lüneburg heath

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