On being an artist

When you are an artist you can’t hide it.

For many people it shows up in the childhood. When you are a child, most people like, accept and embrace the artistic you. Creativity is a precious good. Adults feel and know that, as they deeply miss, but ignore their own hidden creativity. And so creative children – painfully, but innocently – remind them of that beauty, shown to the world with pride and joy. 

But sadly, when a creative child grows up, many adults destroy their creativity, just as theirs was destroyed by other adults when they grew up. This way many creative souls of teenagers were shut down. Which led to silent suffering in adulthood. Which led to thoughts like: “When I’m old I’ll write that book.” or “After I have retired I’ll record that song.”

Why do most people do what most people do?

Why do they destroy beauty, freedom and creativity when they see it in others? As if they were blinded or challenged by this light. Creativity isn’t dangerous, it’s exploring new things and expressing emotions tangled to the new experience. If people don’t want to understand it, I can’t help them. Shall they live on, ignoring their inner voice, if they prefer to. It’s not the task of an artist to play therapist.

For those, who are bold enough, I have a message: if someone wants to destroy your creativity in any way – making you small, fearing you, doubting you, blaming you, laughing at you or even blackmailing you: then get the hell out of that relationship. It’s slowly eating up all of the truth that you’re serving.

If you are a true artist, the society and even you yourself have a hard time believing and accepting this fact. If you have someone by your side, who doesn’t believe in you, you might not have a chance, as you might doubt yourself too much and become inactive as a consequence.

At one point in your life you will have to make the choice: are you a part of the invisible mass or are you different?

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