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Bad mama – Lyrics

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I heard he´s a ladykiller / his lips taste of vanilla / he plays the game like a winner / he doesn´t care `bout the price, ha!

I´m a bad mama / yet he doesn´t know that I`m a bad mama

He stole the sugar from sweet Tessa / he broke the heart of cute Vanessa / he wanna make me his princessa / too bad for him I´m the karma queen

I´m a bad mama / yet he doesn´t know / I´m a bad mama

I, I, I, I love to think about the way I’m gonn` tear his heart into pieces / T-tiny, million pieces / I`m gonn` teach him how to cry

Kisses by the candle light / next day I´m out of sight / my phone rings in the night / he must be out of his mind / my friends say he`s a mess / asked them for my address / sneaks around my street / is it my name he screams?

I´m a bad mama / and now he knows / I´m a bad mama / yeah, I’m a bad / I’m a bad mama / and now he knows, ha / I´m a bad mama

You know, you know I’m / I’m so, so bad / now have you heard? / I think you’ve probably heard about me / that I’m so, so bad, ha! / I´m a bad mama / I´m a bad mama / I´m a bad mama / I’m so bad

Written by Anna Gette and Youbi Deinas

“Bad mama” was released on the album “FUN!” in 2017

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