Hi, I’m Tygapuss

If you’ve ever asked yourself one of these questions, then you’re in the right spot:

“Why do all the songs in the charts sound the same?”

“Who took the guitars out of Alternative Rock music?”

“Why don’t new music artists play real instruments anymore?”

“Why are there only male singers in Alternative Rock bands?”

“Where can I find new Alternative Rock music, that is not infused with EDM?”

If you listen to my music, you get the real thing: distorted guitars, energetic drums, a human voice! (autotune sucks, haha!) and lyrics based on true life stories.

I am an unsigned music artist from Germany and I want to stay independent. Why? Because I want to keep the control over my music production. Music labels wanted me to change my rock sound to EDM and I said “No!”. This is why you can be sure, I’m not going to change my music style only to adapt to the mainstream music market.

I started out in 2017 with my first single “He’s savage like an animal”.

Over 60 college radio stations (the “tastemakers”) and community radio stations in the USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Australia played my song.

This pulled the interest from music labels. I thought it would be my breakthrough. But things became confusing.

It was interesting and strange at the same time: though the labels liked my music, they always asked me, why I would want to stay with Rock music.

The music labels wanted to convince me of making EDM, because Rock doesn’t sell

When I said no, they disappeared.

I had to open my eyes and see I had to do it all on my own. At first it was frustrating. I had to learn everything about marketing, branding, investments and so on, from scratch. It took me some time to figure out what was the real deal and what was fake.

Fake is buying followers, Youtube clicks or paying money, only to get on fake Spotify playlists. The real deal is a real human like you, who loves and breathes Alternative Rock music.

It took me 3 years of learning, until I found the time to release something new. In 2020 I was more than ready, my bags were packed with more knowledge and my only wish was to restart my music production again.

I released “Let you down” on 30 Dec 2020. This was the first day of my new beginning. What I have learned in the last years made me ready for building a truly independent music start-up. Today I’m grateful that the music labels put me down, because, honestly, I don’t want to have a boss. LOL

For me, being a musician is about listening to my inner voice. Writing songs in my own style and rock sound is about true connection and inspiration.

You can only feel my truth when I’m true to myself

When a fan wrote me to tell me that he listens to my songs every morning, that my music lifts him up and saves his day – I sat back, smiled, and I thought: “THIS is why I make music!”